Annette Summer

Six months after Annette returned from her two years overseas trip, she was sick and couldn’t find any medical practitioner to help her with her condition. She decided to try alternative methods, including homeopathy and kinesiology. After six months of following their treatments, her condition had cleared and never returned again.

Annette was so intrigued and puzzled with the result, that curiosity motivated her to study and, four years later, in 1995, she qualified as Natural Health Therapist and become a member of The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners and Australian Kinesiology Association.

She has practiced Specialised Kinesiology in Auckland and Gold Coast, as well as working for medical agencies in hospitals and community residential care.

She was unable to work for 3 years, spending most of 2020 bedridden. Just imagine what it’s like, to not be able to do your favourite activities for that long: stand up, bend over to pick up the things you have dropped, walking on sand or go swimming. Annette was heartbroken and devastated.

After many mistakes, in many ways, and surgery, she is regaining her real self and life.

As this was not enough, she got severe chemical poisoning affecting her nerves, brain and lungs, with severe burning pain like paralysis. She had to dispose all of her personal belongings, furniture, clothing, replace whole carpet and repaint every room to remove the toxins.

Baby massage…

After her second granddaughter was born in 2010, it reminded and refreshed her the joy of working with babies and helping mums to take care of their precious in a confident manner. Three years later, she become a Certified Baby Massage Instructor and, currently, is running baby massage classes.

Baby massage is not only for babies, toddlers can hugely benefit.